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Archive for August, 2014


Episode VII Production Resumes After Harrison Ford Injury

After taking a hiatus for several weeks from filming, J.J. Abrams has resumed production on “Star Wars: Episode VII” in the U.K.

The break was taken for holiday in August when many Europeans take time off, and also allowed for Harrison Ford to recover from the broken leg he suffered while filming in May. In July, Disney released a statement saying that production would pause “while adjustments to the current production schedule are made.”

Ford was recently seen at the “The Expendables 3″ premiere walking without any help and looked in good shape to get back to filming. He also did his own ALS ice bucket challenge, standing on his own in shorts without a cast or crutch.

Abrams is directing the pic which also stars John Boyega, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher also reprising their roles of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, respectively.



Full story at Variety.


That’s Cold! (And it’s not Hoth!)

Aderaan.. Bye Bye


Luke Skywalker’s Ice Bucket Challenge

YouTube Preview Image

Really digging the look of Luke for Episode VII. :)


Han Solo Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

YouTube Preview Image

Looks like the leg is good to go. 😉


R2D2’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

YouTube Preview Image

First Look at the Stormtroopers From Star Wars Episode VII

Indie Revolver has posted a few images of the new Stormtrooper getup for Episode VII. Whether these will be it, who knows but nice to think about. 😉



Full story at Indie Revolver.


Start8 Empire Icon for Windows 8/8.1

I was playing around, this is not perfect but figured I’d share since I’m using it on my Windows 8.1 install on my gaming system, I’m going to do a Jedi logo for my wife’s laptop as well and will upload when I do that. :) To install, you need Start8 installed. Save the image below to your harddrive, right click on your start menu, click “Configure Start8…“, at the bottom, you’ll see “custom image”, click that and then click “pick image…” and choose the path that you saved the image to.   If you use it, please pass on Sith or Jedi to your friends. 😉



Weird Al’s The Saga Begins

Oldie but a goodie. 😉

YouTube Preview Image